Massage Treatments

Remedial massage

Massage is fantastic for those just wanting to unwind or have specific complaints such as upper & lower back pain, injuries, headaches etc addressed. I tailor each massage to your individual requirements and included are aromatherapy oils to further enhance your relaxation experience.

Drawing on Chinese medical training and incorporate some oriental techniques such as meridian massage and acupressure.

Different types of massage offered include:

Key benefits of remedial massage include:

Fees list
Treatment Length Price
Massage ½ hour $60
Massage ¾ hour $75
Massage 1 hour $85
Massage 1½ hours $120

Hot Stone Massage

Experience total relaxation whilst being massaged with heated volcanic stones and warm coconut oil with the essential oils of ylang ylang and lime.

Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of regular massage with those that arise from the healing and soothing qualities of warmth.

The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the layers of your muscles allowing muscle tension to simply dissolve. Working stones are used to massage whilst placement stones are positioned onto specific energy points of the body.

Experience a higher level of pure relaxation with this treatment.

Fees list
Treatment Length Price
Hot Stone Massage 1 hour $105
Hot Stone Massage 1½ hours $135

Foot pampering massage

A treat for your feet. An exfoliating treatment followed by a mini foot massage leaves your feet feeling smooth and revitalized. My ½hr treatment also includes a foot clay mask that detoxifies and softens.

Fees list
Treatment Length Price
Foot pampering + 10 Minutes $30
Foot pampering
(includes foot mask)
+ ½ hour $60